Midj in Italy is a company based in Cordovado, in the north-east of Italy, with a long history. Founded in 1987 the company has constantly aspired to produce furniture that represents the its highest quality of furnishings. A family owned company, Midj believes in the strength of having the entire creative and production processes under one roof.

From thirty years passion and attention are the key elements that run around each model. Not only Midj produces, but it thinks, it draws, it design seach product thanks to the passion and creativity of its team. The almost maniacal attention that we dedicate to our work leads us to conceive innovative and dependable products.

If industrial capacity and advanced technology are Midj’s strength, the know-how skill is the soul and that is what really sets us apart. The know-how is the heart of the company: thanks to all of the projects which ultimately drive the ideas from a handcrafted vocation that is continuously cultivated and perfected. We have carried the care of an artisan production to the industrial size.

At Midj all the steps in production are taken care of by the experts in their own fields. Whether they be from the metal department, the upholsterers, our glaziers who also take care of our plastic production we continuously monitor and provide awell-finished product as if it were made by hand.

In Midj’s collections we continually search the versatility to use making models that respond equally to the needs of public and private spaces. Objects that can be assigned to a dining room as an office, a kitchen like at a restaurant. In creating each collection we explore all the possible variations, offering to professionals thousands of ideas to develop their projects.


Via Madonna di Campagna, 2

33075 Cordovado (PN) – Italia

Phone:+39 0434 690122
Fax: +39 0434 690202

E-mail: info@midj.it
Web: www.midj.com


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